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EditVoicepack XL Hotfix: 5.0.73

Postby Lars » Thu Nov 13, 2014 6:43 pm

What version is this hotfix for?
EditVoicepack XL 5.0.69

What does this hotfix address?
1. The following error when starting EditVoicepack:
This Flight Simulator installation has already been added...
2. When editing modifications the "main" wave file for the voice is not updated when the selection in the included segments is changed.

What caused the problem?
1. The Windows registry indicating two different flight simulators are installed in the same folder. This is typically done to trick FSX only addons to install into P3D - for example if you use the FSX to P3D Migration Tool.
2. A code optimization enabled for the release build did not result in the same executable code as the the release build used for testing.

Which previously released hotfixes are included in this hotfix?
  • 5.0.71: Error when starting EditVoicepack: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  • 5.0.72: Error when starting EditVoicepack: Illegal characters in path.
What is a hotfix?
A hotfix is a version of EditVoicepack XL created to address a problem with the current release of EditVoicepack XL. A hotfix receives limited testing in order to facilitate a fast release to address a "blocking" issue.

Who should install the hotfix?
Users who experience the issue described above. As the hotfix does not receive full test, it is recommended not installing the hotfix if you do not have the described problem.

What happens to the hotfix?
If the hotfix does not adequately address the problem, or if it is found to course additional problems it will be replaced by a new hotfix.
If the hotfix successfully address the issue and no issues caused by the hotfix are identified the hotfix will become the new stable release, at which time it is recommended all users update.

Where do I download the hotfix?
This hotfix is no longer available as a new version of EditVoicepack has been released. Please go to http://editvoicepack.com and download the newest version of EditVoicepack instead.
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